8th April: Free Illamasqua Make Overs

One of the many amazing things you an do while visiting The Paper Eaters Office in Selfridges is have a free and funky make over by London based make up brand Illamasqua. Come and visit us between 3-4pm everyday for your free make over in a rocking 1980s style.
We spoke to Adam Medusa Sidwell from the brand who works as a freelance make up artist. Labeling himself a piece of living art, Adam wears wacky and unique make up every day stating ‘without make up there is no point to a live a house’. Considering himself a superstar, it only takes one meeting with Adam to realise he is, having trained through out Europe he has collaborated with the Pussy Cat Dolls and Courtney Love as well as The Girls. Couting Cruella de Ville, Medusa and Grace Jones as his fashion and style icons, its easy to see that the boy is fierce. Influenced by all things ‘negative’, alter ego movements and cemeteries he explains “I love all sounds and animal noises, church sounds. I also like thunder and electric music” when asked about his musical tastes. Adam is inspired by hookers, goths, champagne, mocohrome, texture and massages and counts himself as not just a professional make up artist but also a professional socialite. 

Robyn Lynch reporting from The Paper Eaters - Long Live the photo story! Head Quarters x

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