1st April - Introduction to The Paper Eaters: Long Live the photo-story!

Once upon a time there were two artists: Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair, also known as The Girls, who were dazzling fine art photographers and performance artists influenced by eras gone by.

With an all consuming love for the photo story and the cut and stick aesthetics of yesterday, The Girls have taken up residence at the Ultralounge space in London’s most wondrous department store, Selfridges, to take a defiant stand against the doom of the digital age. Reviving this old yet ever so adored art form with a month’s residency, they will adventure in and around Selfridges to hand craft a series of three magazines with loving care and devotion.

A fabulous photo filled print publication, The Paper Eaters: Long Live the photo-story! will pour out of the Ultralounge, the home and an inspiration ground for the magazine.  Editors-in-Chief Andrea and Zoe will conduct their team of professional contributors and production assistants to sculpt their much loved photo story magazine and occasionally include a few members of the public in their quirky and kitsch creations.

The Girls residency at the Ultralounge will last throughout April with photo shoots, free 1980s style make overs, a cut out wardrobe to try on, paper shrine to give too, and drive through cinema to experience.

While I will be updatng this blog and documenting the day to day goings on of The Girls, be sure to come down to Selfridges for a visit and celebrate the beauty of paper in all its forms. 

Robyn Lynch reporting from The Paper Eaters - Long Live the photo story! Head Quarters x

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