3rd April: Paper Cranes & Paper Dresses

At The Paper Eaters - Long Live the photo-story! creative den at The Ultralounge in Selfridges we have a fair few crafty creations from our team of interns and production assistants. One of them is a sea of origami paper cranes created by the lovely Justine McKee as a project for her University course.

Another is some fashion fun in the form of an interactive cut out wardrobe made by Jess Jarvis. Featuring 2D life size cut out pieces by Jess, the cardboard wardrobe is hung on a rail next to a photo-shoot background ready for you to come along and flaunt your fashion flare by trying on the fabulous pieces Jess has made.
So there you have it, two more excellent reasons to come visit us at Selfridges! Come and view the awesome flock of origami paper cranes and try on the life size paper wardrobe and see if you can make it onto the wall of fame like these fab fashion cats!

Robyn Lynch reporting from The Paper Eaters - Long Live the photo story! Head Quarters x

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