4th April: Issue 1 Has Landed

Issue 1 of The Paper Eaters - Long Live The photo-story! has landed! Filled with fun photo stories and super articles to read, head on down to the Ultralounge at Selfridges or The Photographers Gallery to pick up your copy now. 

(Andrea of The Girls admiring her handy work)
(The lovely Kristy Noble, one of the many production assistants at Paper Eaters HQ, hand numbering the first issue.)

There will be 1000 of each three issues of The Paper Eaters - Long Live the photo-story! available to buy from Selfridges and The Photographers Gallery for £2.80 each.
As well as the magazine these funky badges are available to buy at a bargainous 75p each, and a limited run of 500 special edition collectors box to keep your copies of The Paper Eaters - Long Live the Photo-story! in, which cost £6 each.
(Image Credits: 1: Unknown, 2: Unknown 3:Robyn Lynch, 4: Robyn Lynch, 5: Robyn Lynch, 6: Robyn Lynch, 7: Anthony Hopwood, 8: Robyn Lynch)
Robyn Lynch reporting from The Paper Eaters - Long Live the photo story! Head Quarters x

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